Me and My uum Friend

In had been a while that  I live in uum with 3 roommates so right now let me introduce them to you !!!
the following photo take in

DATE    : 25 SEPTEMBER 2010

(Slice Moon cake ceremony)

Me and Ah mo ^^

Me and my DEAR ROOMMATES     .....v(^-^)v.... plus ah mo
Me + Friend + Roommates
Me and Jia Wen ( aka Ah Kah =ours room Dai Kah Jie) she very concern ours room hygiene (=.=) .... therefore every week we have clean ours room at least TWICE 
Next Ah Jie ( aka yee jie you can also call her as Alor Setar Dai kah Jie ) she dislike to be the last person fall in sleep and very very dislike HORROR or GHOST movie and whatever stuff related to it by the way next to her is Ah Kah
Last but not least is Ah kiam (aka Yue Sian you can also call her as Lam Dai) cause she always tell people that Lam Fung is her husband =.= |||| and because of her I just realize that  how awesome KOREA pop star was like Shinee (key),JYJ (Mickey), 2pm (Nickkun) and etc 

Others ~~~ me + Ah Jie + Gina


About Lomography

A Lomograph holds a charm all of its own. Somehow, everything is amplified, making ordinary objects stand out, enhancing details that would normally go unnoticed. Characterised by ever-changing variables such as the mysterious vignettes that frame the shot, light leaks, lo-fi grain, beautiful blurs, the magical balance of contrast and saturation … just to name a few.

A combination these factors and a healthy touch of the unexpected go into making each Lomograph unique. Essentially, Lomography embraces the element of surprise that only analogue film photography can bring and wholeheartedly celebrates the outcome.

Experiment with different kinds of films, and try different tips and techniques, such as cross-processing (x-pro) – it works well with Lomographic cameras!

10 Golden Rules - they're the very essence of our “Don't Think, Just Shoot” motto! After all, Lomography is all about having fun while taking good pictures, so memorise them by heart or break all the rules; either way, be ready to throw your photography inhibitions away!

 Take By LOmo Camera ...


Hat Yai Plus Songkran Trip

Hat Yai Plus Songkran Trip ( Random Shoot )
A picture speak a thousand words

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